Anticancer & Antifluorine

How to prevent aging caused by fluoride.
Dr. Dean Burk, head of the Chemical Department of the National Cancer Institute before the US Congress in 1976: "In fact, fluorine causes more cancer mortality in humans and faster than any other chemical."
Half a gram of fluoride can kill a child, 1 gram a woman, and 2 grams a man.
Robert Carlton, 2000 Nobel Prize in Medicine: "Fluoridation is the biggest case of scientific fraud of this century."



    Fluorine is not just any element of the 92 that exist. Its existence does not go unnoticed by anyone. All chemical elements kneel before him, because he can defeat them.
Fluorine can corrode glass (amorphous structure) just by blowing it on your face.
Fluorine can descend from the sky to noble gases (ethereal structure), and materialize them to earth. It is capable of stealing noble gases, which, by themselves, are not related to anyone because they have 8 electrons from their cradle. Poor noble gas that falls into the hands of fluorine. He will steal an electron from him, lose nobility, ionize him, widow an electron from the pair, and imprison him alongside him in "perpetual ionic doom."
Fluorine can break the covalent bonds of atoms in the "mud of life" and change them into crystalline ionic bonds, and petrify.
Fluorine is not even afraid of uranium, and that is why it is used to obtain it.
It could never be isolated until it was tried with an electron bait: Electrolysis.
    Despite not being the most abundant element on the earth's surface, it is found everywhere. Without asking permission from the human population, its use is promoted because there are those who say that it is good for preventing dental caries. It is added to toothpaste, bottled drinking water, tap water, milk, salt, and many other foods.
When fluorine enters the human body, it reaches everywhere and where it is installed, it kills cells. For example, if it reaches the teeth, it kills ameloblasts (tooth-forming cells). If they are children with teeth in formation, the growth of the teeth stops and they acquire a strange mottled color. Dental fluorosis is hypoplasia or undermaturation of the tooth and its enamel.
If it is deposited in the bones and joints, it kills osteoblasts of the bone and chondroblasts of the articular cartilage. In this case it causes osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal pain and even sarcomas in the bone (cancer).
In the blood, circulating cholesterol cannot stick to the arteries if there is not first a micro-injury to the inner epithelium of the artery. In the blood, fluorine binds to calcium and precipitates it. When calcium fluoride (CaF2) touches the vascular endothelium, it produces a micro-ulcer on which cholesterol can already stick. Thus, arteriosclerosis and subsequent vascular complications such as heart attack and stroke can begin. 44% of deaths in Spain are due to vascular accident.
If it gets on the hair, it kills melanocytes and turns it gray. If it is deposited in the epidermis of the skin, it kills keratinocytes and the skin becomes scaly and loses its lucidity.
If it is deposited in the pineal gland it slowly corrodes it. Decreases the production of melatonin. the antioxidant and anti-cancer nocturnal hormone par excellence.
Caries and fluoride: In normal conditions, teeth are protected from cavities by a slightly alkaline pH of 7.4. Naturally the pH 7.4 of the mouth is achieved when the entire body pH is 7.4. The pH of the body is 7.4 when the daily diet promotes a non-acidic blood and body pH and the acid neutralization mechanisms work correctly and manage to balance the body pH at 7.4. At a body and oral pH of 7.4, a type of saprophytic bacteria proliferate in the mouth that dominate the natural oral ecological niche, preventing acidophilic, acidogenic and aciduric bacteria from proliferating.
If the person is on a diet based on foods that promote metabolic acidosis, the pH of their body will go from slightly basic to slightly acidic or very acidic. Breakfast: coffee (sour) and croissant (sour). Lunch: sourdough bread (sour) and hamburgers (sour), French fries (sour) with a cola (sour). Dinner: pizza (sour) and sweet desserts (sour).
Consequently, the pH of the mouth will also be acidic like that of the body. When the pH of the mouth is acidic, bacteria that survive better in acidic pH proliferate, such as the acidophilic streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus. Once installed in the mouth, an optimal local pH is adapted to feel better. They are acidogenic, they metabolize sugar from oral food remains to acids, such as ac. lactic. They are aciduric, they produce their own acid to keep the acidic pH constant at the dental local level. They hide in acidic dental plaque.
The establishment of dental plaque is the beginning of tooth decay. The acid pierces the enamel and bacteria enter the tooth causing cavities.
Fluoride enters the body from fluoridated drinking water or fluoridated cooking salt or from milk supplemented with fluoride or fluoridated toothpaste. Inside the body it is deposited everywhere and especially in the cells that structure calcium because calcium is an alkaline-earth metal, which wants to lose 2 electrons to get the octet. Two fluorine atoms quickly bond to a calcium atom after stealing 2 electrons from it and form CaF2.
Octagonal Fluorite, Calcium Fluoride (CaF2)
crystallized in the cubic system

The natural hydroxyapatite Ca5 (PO4) 3 (OH) in enamel becomes fluorapatite Ca5 (PO4) 3F (an apatite in which the hydroxyl (O-H) are displaced and replaced by fluorine). This new structural situation of tooth enamel is not natural but artificial and brings unnatural consequences.
Under normal natural conditions, when the tooth enamel erodes or deteriorates a little, the ameloblasts or repair cells of the tooth, initiate a process of repair and renewal of the damaged part. They first lower the normal enamel pH of 7.40 to the optimal ameloblastic restorative softening pH of 6.50. At this more acidic pH, the enamel softens. Ameloblasts can remove calcium ions and make new hydroxyapatite enamel. In this way the teeth remain repaired, as new and shiny for life. On the contrary, the fluorine in the fluoropatite of fluorinated teeth acts by modifying the saturation conditions of the tooth enamel. It saturates the base fraction with exchangeable calcium cations so that the ameloblasts cannot soften the enamel, even if they lower the enamel pH to 6.5, because they cannot remove even a calcium ion from the fluoropatite. Fluoropatite has a hard enamel at repair pH 6.5 and does not soften or repair. Streptococci can lower enamel pH to 5.5, its optimal acidic bacterial piercing pH. Caries in fluoridated teeth is not preventable.
Sooner or later it may appear.
Fluoridated teeth are petrified, trapped in time. They are like lifeless stones that will degrade without the possibility of self-repair. They always go hopelessly worse. People who have fluoridated teeth should be extremely careful with them because what they have today they will have the same or worse for their entire lives.

Dental fluorosis in childhood

Dental fluorosis in adults

   The government order to fluoridate water originated in the United States in 1942, without prior popular consultation, on the pretext that fluoridation strengthened teeth and decreased the incidence of dental caries.
Fluoride strengthens teeth until they "petrify" them. It leaves them hard for life and without remission. Never again will they soften or self-repair. Caries also appears in fluoridated teeth.
Fluor is everywhere. If you bother looking for him you may discover that he has already found you for years. Fluorine does not hesitate. Sneaks up on man from feeding. It surrounds you. It is installed in kitchen salt, in tap or bottled drinking water, in toothpaste, in milk. It penetrates the human body stealthily and constantly, day by day. When you realize it, it is too late for you. You have gray hair, your teeth have become stained and dull. your skin is dry, flaky, wrinkled and blotchy. Your joints hurt, you've lost muscle strength, and you get tired right away. Your legs hurt, your back, your head, everything. Your ideas are thick and you forget them quickly. You look at yourself in the mirror and you don't recognize yourself. You have suddenly aged and you no longer serve to emit love. Fluorine has eaten your pineal, everything fails, it has eaten your human essence ... and as a gift, the doctor diagnoses you with fluoridated arteriosclerosis (CaF2 + cholesterol).