EDEN was a disease-free Earthly Paradise.

The Garden of EDEN. The first dry land vineyard of phytic trees and vegetables.
Why phytic trees?

Bitter almond, cherry, plum, apricot, peach, walnut, hazel, pistachio, carob, pear, apple, fig, vine, cannabis, wheat, date palm, cedar, cypress, Boswellia and commiphora among others.

Phytic trees came after tannic acid trees and folic acid vegetables (green leafy vegetables). They offer more evolved, caloric and tasty fruits than vegetables. They have a generous and resourceful nature that cares about keeping their guests young and healthy. Eating them vivifies. It does not animalize or get sick or age like eating meat / fish.
They are ultimately food and medicine at the same time. The food part is its fleshy fruits and its seeds, the anti-aging medicinal part is the phytin phytate that surrounds its seeds, and the anti-disease medicinal part are various living compounds distributed throughout all of them, which serve to kill cells and bad micro-organisms, pathogens that cause disease.
The food-medicines of the EDEN fruits are alive, diploid and have sex. They can self-fertilize and self-reproduce indefinitely. They are a medicine that gives life to life. A natural medicine of a different level than that of dead chemistry that gives death to life.
EDEN's food-medicines are ANTI-ANAEROBIC.

There are 2 kinds of cells: the good ones and the bad ones.
The good ones work with aerobic metabolism.
The bad ones work with anaerobic metabolism.
In the war between good and bad, the strongest metabolism wins.
Anaerobic metabolism is 200 times faster in obtaining energy than aerobic.
Bad guys come and win.
However, the bad ones have vulnerabilities in their metabolism so they can lose if they fight with the right weapons and EDÉN knows it.
Its first vulnerability arises from the fact that a bad cell is always within a set of good cells. From the outset she is already secluded, a prisoner.
Their second vulnerability results from the fact that their metabolism is always different from that of good cells. With medicine that only attacks the metabolism of bad cells we can eliminate them without harming the good ones.
All EDÉN vegetable fruits contain healing properties to a greater or lesser extent, for example bitter almond has more amygdalin, walnut has more melatonin, cannabis has more anandamide (CBDA), grape has more resveratrol. Cannabis has more vitamin D2 and more vitamin K2 because it is the official residence of bacillus subtilis. KNOWING THEM IS LIVING THEM