Pack of 3 authentic bitter almonds prunus Amygdalus Amara for 50 €

Pack de 3 almendras amargas auténticas prunus amygdalus amara por 50 €








Comes very well protected in a wooden case that protects it from the inclemency atmospheric for a long time. It is still alive without losing effectiveness. It is the largest Cornerstone to kill cancer but now banished.

The vulnerability of the enzyme rhodanase: Amygdalin of bitter almonds kills anaerobic cancer cells by metabolic asphyxiation.

The Aerobic (good) cells use oxygen as the final acceptor of a A chain of electrons it produces:

Energy in the form of ATP + cyanide + H2O + CO2

The cyanide is toxic but does not harm the aerobic cell because it has a Enzyme that manufactures specially to neutralize cyanide. The enzyme RHODANANASE, which neutralizes cyanide by turning it into thiocinate, a food for the cell.

The Rhodanase is the most important enzyme in the body. Without it there is no aerobic life. All people make it. They all have it.

The Bad (cancer) cells have anaerobic metabolism,no They use oxygen as the final acceptor of a chain of electrons that produces:

Energy in the form of ATP + Lactic acid + H2O + CO2.But NO They produce cyanide.

How They do not produce cyanide nor do they need the enzyme rhodanase to neutralize it. Cancer cells do not produce rhodanase which means they can killing yourself with cyanide.

Attack to amygdalin

Bitter almond is a nut that contains amygdalin, a cyanide molecule between 2 glucose molecules. A sophisticated Elohim genetic engineering trap to kill anaerobic cells such as cancer cells or viruses and other anaerobic pathogens.

False: "Eating bitter almonds can be deadly because they contain cyanide"

There's People who claim that eating 4 or 5 almonds is dangerously deadly

The Toxicological studies indicate that the amount of cyanide is deadly for Man is about 8 mg/kg of weight. A man weighing 75 kg. requires 600 mg of cyanide to die.
The different bitter almonds that exist of the genus prunus (cherry, plum, apricot, peach and bitter almond) have different amounts of cyanide ranging between 200 and 400 mg / kg of peeled natural almonds.

One 8.5% of the weight of the almond is water that discounting it results in about 1100 gr. of dried almond. The one that contains the most is the bitter almond of prunus amygdalus Amara. About 400 mg per kilogram. It is estimated that eating in one sitting between 1650 gr. of dried almond without shell of Prunus amygdalus amara 3300 gr. of Dried bitter almonds without shell of the other genera Prunus can kill an adult.
To die from eating bitter almonds, in a supposed man weighing 75 kg, approximately 1100 gr. of dried raw almond without shell are required, That is 1100 dried shelled almonds of 1.1 gr. each of prunus Amygdalus Amara, meals quickly in minutes to get the amount total cyanide needed to kill matches in time, so that the Constant purification capacity of rhodanase does not reduce it below the lethal dose.

The Almond shell accounts for approximately 80% of the weight of the almond, while shelled almonds account for 20%.

1100 gr of peeled raw almond.

4,4 Kg of bitter almonds with shell.


In The Annals of Medicine do not list anyone who has died from eating almonds Bitter.


Attack to the bitter almond Prunus amygdalus amara


The sweet almond (prunus amygdalus dulcis) is an Anunnaki creation that is the one that It is found in supermarkets. It has managed to nullify the bitter almond. Is Just like her but without amygdalin. It does not cure cancer and is the only one that is marketed.

Attack on the prunus amygdalus amara tree

Exists A worldwide campaign to eliminate the species Prunus amygdalus amara from the face of the Earth.

The bitter almond tree is "the jewel" of EDÉN because it produces the almond bitter with amygdalin which is the biggest anaerobic cell killer. The largest anticarcinogenic, the largest antiviral and pathogenic antibacteria.
The persecution is unstoppable.
Bitter almond trees are detected with drones.

The NIRS near-infrared spectroscopy technology makes them look with a Special light when illuminated.

Are uprooted


The bitter almond is the EDEN seed that contains the most amygdalin but although EDEN is left without the jewel in the crown there will still be 4 more genres of Prunus and its bitter seeds.

Peach apricot, plum and cherry.

You can not remove these fruits so Delicious.


Prunus Amygdalus Amara from EDENVsPrunus Dulcis Anunnaki

The Original vs. the upstart

The Bitter almond of Prunus amygdalus amara is the original. Originally from EDEN, From it arose astrange mutation that originated the variant "Prunus dulcis" which is no longer almond Bitter because it does not contain amygdalin, it loses it as it matures. The almond sweet (prunus amygdalus dulcis) is an Anunnaki creation that has achieved Cancel the bitter almond. It's just like her but without amygdalin. No It serves to cure cancer and is the only one that is marketed.

The almond of prunus dulcis is a live food but without medicine and It only serves to feed but does not kill anaerobic cells of any kind. Is the one that is not pursued and can be easily purchased in the market at Point of obfuscating the bitter almond.

Amygdalin in the almond tree is the natural defense of the bitter almond tree against infections with pathogenic (anaerobic) microorganisms.

The Amygdalin kills anaerobic cells of all kinds such as viruses and bacteria that infect plant cells when they bite their bait glucose. Thanks to it the bitter almond tree can live healthy its long longevity of 1000 years, like all the phytic trees of EDEN, and reach great size.

Almond Centenary wild bitter.

In Today you no longer see giant bitter almond trees of several hundred years. Prunus almond trees var. dulcis do not have amygdalin so they usually become infected by anaerobic pathogens and die young. Most die before the age of 50 and do not usually exceed 5 meters in height. The few that They manage to reach 100 years old nor exceed 10 meters. The Farmers, knowing their innate weakness, graft the foot of the almond tree Prunus amygdalus amara with scion of Prunus dulcis. This is how they avoid death premature by root infection but cannot prevent infection of the offspring, and the almond tree dies at an early age, in a sweet death, by a Strange "Anunnaki suicide mutation".

EDEN It is a paradisiacal place because it does not there isdisease or

aging. If you are looking for the Earthly Paradise you will find to EDEN. EDEN is not a physical place but a place phytic.

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